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domingo, 24 de abril de 2011

The Cross-breed Colombian

 Let me share with you my wonderful secret " what makes me be  Who I am".

This is the Sonia Osorio's Ballet of Colombia company. Sonia beautiful displays all the different cultural influences that became my race.

I am so proud, so happy to be a cross-breed Colombian, a fine mixture of Negro from Africa, Whites from Europe, and the so called "Indian" from my loved Colombia.


Here you can see the diversity of our Folklore. It is a display of coquetry, repel and invitation so proper of romance.

The Legend of “El dorado” the grace and seduction of the Indian girls versus the bravura of the young men depicted on their skin covered by the golden powder.

The Pasillos , Bambucos, and San Juaneros show the innocence of seduction and romance of the people, The direct and daring men's way to try to get what they want and the women furious and serious way to defend themselves of this attacks, some of them also show the elegance and luxury of the European court.

See the Exotic, energetic, sensual and erotic Mapale (100% negro dance) somebody could say is a diabolic possession, in reality is represent the fight of a fish (The Mapale) when is fitting to go back to water. As any other dance is just the harmony of muscles and heart liberating chi; Negro people are so blessed to be able to achieve that speed and force of movements.

The cadence of the feminine hips, mystery and enchant of the Cumbia, with is long skirt: Polleras and the famous hats: Sombrero voltiao, the handkershifts and the candles, Autochthones of Colombia is surges from the syncretism of the indigenes and negro’s culture.

The Guaneña, music of war, cheerful and nostalgic from the Colombian south lands, dedicated to the women that accompanied the men to war.

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