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My paintings

Sparkles of Joy.
Daisies. Acrylics
Garzas, Vitral
Flores silvestres

Wine and Water. Oil

Guffy, Oil
La Zaina. Oil

Intuition. Watercolor

Amapola, Oil
Reflejos. Acuarela

Reflexion. Watercolor
The Rocks. Watercolor
THe light behind. Acrylic

Mist over water. Acrylics
The River. Oil

The Wave. Acrylic

White Orchid. Oil
White Turbant. Oil

Warm winter. Watercolor

Back home

Citrics, Acrylics

Artemisa. Carboncillo 

Deep blue

Chromatic Circle. Acrylics

Cooling Off. Watercolor


Cornucopia. Oil

Five Red. Watercolor

Serenety, Watrcolor

Martha's Arlequin. Oil

White Orchid. Acrylic

Number One. Watercolor

Plenitud. Carboncillo.

Shooting Starts, Mixed Media.

Somewhere in Grafton

Sunflowers, Watercolor

Taking Off. Watercolor.


Momento. Acuarela

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