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martes, 19 de octubre de 2010

I want to be Free.

No one was born learned. it is true, However our ability to learn is unlimited, vast as the infinite.
The secret code of power lies interwoven in our genetic code.

We born knowing that we can; we  know it by intuition , we know it,simple as that,  and we will demonstrate it: We will try and try until we achieved what we seek, any day we speak, we walk, we run, and we reached.

Probably thousand times we fall and thousand and one we rise, we are not discourage because of the falls, we never lose momentum, we have a goal and there we go.

But we are growing, and those responsible to "educate us" are taming according to its blindness, and there they go, putting constraining ideas in our repertoire, sowing fear, pruning Faith, snatching dreams.

They cut our wings and imprison us, to reach out to become, according to them : " responsible men and women" and on any one day we resemble them; with the time we become one of those  who to fly nor dare because they  already  have forgotten the reason of the wings .

Preconceived Ideas, which limit to our ability to achieve, which limit our infinite potential of creation, and create barriers everywhere around us.

Fear planted in the heart,  and that as ivy in our bones is rooted , stops our momentum, steal us the word and imprisons our soul.

I want to be of free of the protocols and the rhetoric; free of paradigms, and the decrees.
I want to be free to think my own thinking, kissing the flower, and realize my dream.
I want to be free to prove my theorem,  to choose the wind,  to create my story, and to prove my wings.

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